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Kingston upon Thames, Surrey England

"A Sacred Building is a Harmonic
Structure for
the Transformation of
the Soul. Its purpose is
to remind us
of our true essence and Absolute
connection to the universe " CK

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The Golden Mean Harmonic in the
Heart and Soul of our Home

Emelie's Ghost Story from
The House Whisperer's Ghost Stories Series

Change in Life...

Not feeling at Home where you live?

Resonance -  the Heart and Soul of Home

Our House holds the Patterns of our life

Design for Healing Spa Brighton
architect Christian Kyriacou
designed with vastu
feng shui and sacred geometry

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behind every front door is a story of people’s lives…

Are you listening to what your house is trying to tell you. . . are you living in a Healthy and Sacred Space?

Who is Christian Kyriacou The House Whsiperer ................................. Caduceus Journal - Current Issue 87


Home and House Healing - Business Premises - Equine & Animal Space Healing

Aligning our connection to where we live.

On site, or Remote Sessions over skype or telephone.

Energy Clearing and Alignment - Personal Transformation - Healing and success in all aspects of life using Intuitive Insight, Feng Shui, Energy Processes etc.

44 years of working with architecture and understanding the intrinsic relationship between people and the soul of buildings. Having carried out over 1008 home and business consultations, in 27 countries in the last 18 years, my experience in many aspects of life relating to buildings, particularly homes, enables me to offer guidance based upon grounded experience and positive success with people in relation to their spaces..

I can work with you to clarify, improve, change and resolve a wide range of life issues and problems you may be experiencing in your personal life, home and family.

Honouring the Spirit of the Land and the Heart and Soul of Buildings

Consultant to Professional Teams, Architects and the Construction Industry

Architect to 33 UK Airports Interior Design Projects, 333 Indian Restaurants, Feng Shui Architect, Sacred Geometry, New and adapting existing buildings incorporating feng shui and classical principles of architecture, sacred geometry and proportion, musical ratios, harmonic resonance, acoustics, spatial harmonics, geomancy land energy mapping and energy matrix structures.

Design for Healing Spa Brighton architect Christian Kyriacou designed with vastu, feng shui and sacred geometry

Christian Kyriacou is The House Whisperer, working with people to enable them to understand and feel the correlation between their 'inner home' and the external home in which they live. He embodies a unique blend of Scientific and Esoteric skills fusing these disciplines to enhance buildings and peoples lives.

He is an Architect, Philosopher, Author, Storyteller, Architectural & Environmental Psychologist, Interior Designer, Filmmaker, Composer, Musician, Feng Shui/Vastu and Geomancy Consultant. He has worked with many modalities of Oriental Philosophies, Meditation, Sanskrit, Sacred Sound, Harmonic Resonance and Sacred Geometry.

He has run his own professional Architectural & Interior Design practice since 1970, designing major public projects, airport interiors, residential, restaurants and educational premises. He is a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, Chartered Society of Designers, International Feng Shui Guild (Red Ribbon) and the Performing Rights Society.

Christian has appeared on TV and Radio worldwide since 1993, speaking on the relationship of architecture harmonics and music, house whispering, sacred space, philosophy, consciousness, geomancy and feng shui.

He engages with the relationships of Sound and Space, and particularly how acoustics, vibration, music and harmonics relate to sacred geometry and the quality and energy of those spaces in our homes and other aspects of architecture. His perception of working with buildings is in the 'listening' to them and to the subtle vibrations which hold the message of what defines the quality of that space. By 're-tuning' a space and synchronising the heart harmonics of the person with the heart and soul of the home, it enables a powerful transformational life change with a true sense of 'feeling at home' in the space in which you live.

He works with the Harmonics of Spatial Energy - Earth Spirit Architecture, the Music of Buildings, the Equine world and has helped to substantially change and transform peoples' spaces and lives. He is an international inspirational speaker. His knowledge and inspiration comes from over 40 years in the fields of Music, Oriental Philosophies, Meditation, Sanskrit, Sacred Sound, Harmonic Resonance, Sacred Geometry, Sacred Architecture, Geomancy, Vastu, Feng Shui and English law.

Sources arise from India, Egypt, China, Tibet, Greece, the United Kingdom and other connections. He is the co-founder and teacher of the London School of Feng Shui. Combining this wealth of knowledge, he designs new and adapts existing buildings incorporating shamanic and earth spirit architecture, feng shui and classical principles of architecture, sacred geometry and proportion, musical ratios, harmonic resonance and Ki energy matrix structures

'There is a direct correlation between our environment and our success in life'

so I ask...

Do you feel at home where you live or does your home make you sick

Are you suffering from geopathic stress

Does your home serve and support you

Is your home your healer and holding the Ki to your future

Is the Etheric Energy Matrix in your building in Harmonic Resonance and fully activated

'The act of altering the physical and emotional space in which we live and work is a powerful generator of change'